Application Development

We build highly functional and interactive applications.


Sophisticated and innovative, we blend beautiful design with simple, usable interfaces for clients. We create designs that are relevant, functional, user friendly and that meet the aesthetic and branding needs of any organization. Design is more than just creating the look and feel. A good design takes into consideration research, usability, and starts the backbone for the Marketing strategy. We can step in at any level of the branding identity process. If you have not built your company's brand then we'll start from scratch and focus on branding including logos, imagery, brochures, etc... before we move on to your website, apps and campaigns. If your company already has an identity then we are experts at conveying that look and feel through every step of the marketing process.


MIS utilizes the latest technologies to provide rich, interactive business applications for our clients. Using a world-class programming environment including MIS's own Ecommerce and Content Management Solutions, MIS offers development of custom native and web applications for our clients. MIS provides a scalable platform, automated content management capabilities and tools to maintain a dynamic, enterprise data-driven website & apps with complete backend management. Our approach to development is unmatched in the industry... from Ecommerce and Content Management to Social and Native Apps, we have done it all.


It's not what you build, it's how you build it! Ecommerce is not just about a website it's about a strategy. Every successful venture starts with a concept, research, understanding of industry and competition, define what makes you different, create business, growth, and marketing plans and then start working toward your empire. MIS has created over 80 ecommerce sites. Years of research and experience has led us to create a strategic, customer centric Ecommerce and Integrated Marketing program.